lifestyle photography


Why lifestyle photography?

I see huge value in capturing the story of your life or your business in the art of the everyday.

The best way to create a true reflection of who you are is to capture you in your most comfortable environment in the way you are: candid, natural and pure. It could be your home, your favourite place in town or in nature or your working space…

Lifestyle family photography

So therefore collect moments not things.

Whether your story is maternity, welcoming your new family member, an anniversary, birthday, or any other milestone in your life – it is special! Each session tells a unique story and captures a moment in time, your moment in time.

I focus on natural, unposed and even sometimes unnoticed moments which can disappear in the chaos of everyday life – how you play together, how you hug, kiss, the moments that mean the most to you, that simply show a reflection of who you are.

My approach to portrait photography is to capture pure emotions, real connections and your beauty.

There are so many precious moments happening in family life to be photographed! These are the best times in your life that you want to share and experience forever.

Do you want to preserve these amazing moments together?

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Lifestyle Brand Photography

Does your business need a kick?

Hello entrepreneurs!

Being a small business owner it is so nice to work with other businesses! Headshots, product photography, creating content for your social media or telling your business story through pictures is how I can help. Whatever you need to keep your business growing I would love to help.

But let’s agree there is more then typical Headshots!

Let’s create photographs that will tell the story of your brand, that will be a message of what your business stands for and help make you stand out from the rest and, most importantly, speak to your ideal client!

Thanks to my background in Marketing we can dig deeper to figure out exactly who you want to speak to and we can create something that will show what your business represents. I am more than happy to offer on top of the photo session a consultation to talk about your ideal client and to advise you on what your media message should contain.