Meet your photographer! 


I think I am more than that!

We can plan your day together to be sure that there will be no rush and you’ll be able to enjoy every moment.

I’ll give you the support you need on your special day to be sure you are as relaxed as possible. I will take care of last minute details such as fixing up your flower bouquet and hair if needed 😉

Being part of the industry and following the latest trends, I am happy to recommend other vendors, people you can trust and be happy with their services.

Timeless above trends!
Connection is key

With all my couples, families and business owners I want to create a bond that helps us understand each other. We need to trust each other and feel comfortable together.

After all, a lot of the time I am not only a photographer. I am your companion throughout many moments of the day, those intimate and personal as well. Therefore I want you to feel comfortable and safe having me around and we need to create mutual trust that allows us to create something beautiful together!Let’s get to know each other better.

How my journey begun

A couple of years ago, together with my husband, my soul mate and my partner in crime in many ways  😀 I went on an adventure! Always looking for freedom and different experiences, we’d decided to make our dreams come true and we went to Brazil, to Rio de Janeiro, a city of amazing people and beautiful scenery and delicious caipirinhas!

This trip was a bit different for us as we took it easy and soaked up the atmosphere and I found the time to ask myself some questions that we often hear these days:

What would you do if you weren’t afraid? or

What would you do if money were no object?

and starting to imagine the way I could live to express myself in the most creative way and be happy! I wanted to live a more authentic life and be true to myself.

In the stunning surroundings and amongst inspirational people in one of my most beloved cities, Rio de Janeiro, I made a decision that my future career would be dedicated to photography!

I decided to leave behind my 9 to 5 stable job to fulfil my dream! Sounds like a cliché, right?

But here I am, a few years later with the job that I love!

Let’s see where this journey will take me.

Life is a beautiful adventure and on the road you can meet wonderful, inspiring people. Just stay open to new experiences and you’ll always discover something unique about the world, other people or simply about yourself.

Through the lens of the camera I taste the special moments in life. They surround us every day and it is my passion to capture these moments whether they be fleeting or intimate.

I am inspired by people and their emotions. I love to extract another person’s beauty and capture that in my photographs – beauty that is deep from the heart, from real emotions. This beauty is the most stunning and most honest in photography.

A photograph captures that unrepeatable moment in place and time, your moment in place and time. It encapsulates feelings of joy, warmth, nostalgia and love, excitement, fun – all indelible memories unique to you. It is more than a picture, it is your story. It is who you are.

Allow me into your world. Let me photograph your story, your engagement and wedding, your maternity and the birth of a child, and your first moments together as a family.

Let me capture your story ♥

Relax and think how much pleasure, great fun and joy our photo session will bring you!

Tell me your story!

And let’s create something beautiful together!