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Ania & Michał

Joanna is a warm and friendly person with whom you can feel very natural. This is important, especially when someone (like me) does not feel comfortable in front of the camera. Thanks to her, this session was not stressful and just a pleasure. The photos show exactly what we felt – they are very warm, full of love and with a real sense of ease 😊 Thank you ❤

Agnieszka, Łukasz & Wiktoria 

Working with Joanna was a pure pleasure. Her professionalism, ingenuity and creativity gave a result that exceeded our wildest expectations. She perfectly captured the intimate moments and created unique pictures. From the very beginning of the session we felt at ease and this can be seen in the photographs. Thanks to Asia we have a beautiful memory. Thank you again!

Kasia, Piotr & Julia

Joanna apart from being completely engaged in the session was very sensitive in her approach given that Julia was so small. She beautifully captured the fleeting moments of our session with us sitting on the couch, feeding Julia and snuggling up us a family.